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New Perlicks

Got some new perlicks for my birthday. I’m pretty excited to hook them up tonight.

When I opened them my wife rolled her eyes at me and asked what was wrong with the faucets I already had. Tried explaining the differences, but she didn’t care.

On the brighter side, I told her dad they were German designed and he thought that was a good enough reason to switch on its own.

Anyway, got one standard, and one of the creamers - just to see what it does.

I got perlicks and love them. Definitely worth the costs of an upgrade especially if you don’t pull a pint daily.

I’ve been using them for about a week now. Love these taps. Like driving a Ferrari when used to a K-car.

Better flow. No sticking issues.

Love the way they frost up after every cold beer poured. I don’t remember the old standard ones doing that.

I have not really found a use yet for the creamer function. Maybe when I get back into british ales in the fall I will carb them less and hit the creamer at the end (that is if I don’t put them on Nitro to begin with).

How much better they work should be easy to explain if you have and “old style” tap still connected next to one of your Perlicks. My tower has three, two Perlicks, one old style. I rarely have three different beers going but most of the time two. Guess which two taps get used. My third Perlick is on the jockey box for good mobile pours.

I especially like that you can unscrew the end to easily clean it.

Even better. I didn’t even know that was a thing.

Love my perlicks. The company is great too. I had 2 525ss that developed a bit of a leak. I rebuilt them and it didn’t completely fix the problem. I called them and provided proof of my purchase and the sent me 2 630ss. I was also able to finally repair the 525’s with an after market o ring I found at a local hardware store.

+1 to easily cleaning them. I own 4 and couldn’t be happier!

+1 I have two 525SS and two sh*tty regular faucets and there’s a huge difference with the Perlicks. Definitely worth the extra $.

Next time she buys a new bra or something, roll your eyes and ask “What was wrong with your old bra”, see how that works for ya!
Seriously though, I have been blessed. When I began brewing and shortly thereafter began kegging, my wonderful wife actually encouraged me to “get the good stuff”. I got a pretty good bonus for work that we didn’t have plans for, and I work hard so she told me basically to go nuts. Bought some brand new kegs, a freezer, and all associated hardware including tap handles from some of my favorite commercial micro brews, regulator, tank, lines, distributors, and most importantly Perlick faucets (3). I too love my Perlicks!

I had picnic taps for a while then went to perlicks. I love them but almost feel like I take them for granted because I never had to deal with issues of cheaper taps!

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