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New pellet smoker

We are members at BJs wholesale so I get a barrage of emails from them. One had a “clearance” on a Pit Boss 820D3 pellet smoker. I had been eyeing Traegers but they expensive and now made in China like the rest.

If you are looking and a member or know a member that you can go with, it is a lot of smoker/grill for the $299 sale price. It must weigh 200 lbs or more. Assembly was a little challenging due to its weight and size but with the help of my wife and a couple choice swear words we got it put together.

Here is what it looks like$bjs-Zoom$

I did ribs on it for the first use and they came out great. Unlike our old smoker it actually keeps the temp where it is set.


Looks like a pretty good buy. I’m still old school and use charcoal. I have 3 smokers so don’t think a fourth is in my future!

My old smoker was charcoal but it was so hard to add charcoal I gave up and converted it to electric. The door was too small so you couldn’t get the briquettes to the back. The electric option was not much better.

I never planned to go pellet until I had some stuff my neighbor cooked on his Traeger and the deal on the new sealed it.

Next will be brined boneless, skinless chicken breasts.

I bought the Pitt Boss pellet smoker and propane combo this spring. Absolutely love it. I had an original Traeger that I got for free, but I wanted something nicer.
I shopped around and did a lot of reading, found out that the guy who started Traeger Grills was bought out of his company and later hired by Pit Boss to design their pellet smoker line. As someone that’s has used both, I’m super happy with my pit boss. Glad to see others happy as well. Enjoy your chicken breast

Thanks @Angrybear The only complaint I have so far is that it came with only one probe and there are two ports for them. Minor detail so I will buy another. Maybe two for a spare.

I also need a trip to Harbor Freight for a dolly to stick under the stationary legs to move it in and out of my garage. Man is it heavy.

I just bought a bag of hickory Pit Boss brand pellets. They had pretty good ratings. The “competition blend” I picked up the day I got the smoker isn’t smoky enough for me.

I get it. I have 2 offset smokers and a chamber smoker. Obviously the offset is easy to add wood/charcoal. That chamber smoker sucks at that but it’s soooo easy to heat I hardly use any charcoal and wood!

Ohhhh, I am sorely tempted now…was talking with my buddy about @hd4mark’s post this past weekend, went to buy and it was gone, but this may be the perfect replacement/upgrade for my propane grill…

Pit Boss Mahogany Series 1230 Pellet and Gas Combination Grill


Darn, once I checked on the computer instead of my phone, it was sold out in my local store and shipping is $255, so I guess I’ll keep looking. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Looks like that one is sold out at our local store also. They still have the one we bought and dropped it another $50. Might have to stop back and ask for a $50 credit.

I’m keeping our gas grill though. It’s a Weber Genesis and I’m still happy with it.

Yeah need to have a gas grill for quick jobs. To me it doesn’t make sense to fire up charcoal/wood for a couple burgers that take a few minutes to make.

We use a small gas grill for the simple daily cooking stuff… I don’t recall the last time we fried any meat in the house… except bacon…
My smoker is a Weber kettle… charcoal fired… took a bit to learn how to control the heat… low and slow… Old cast iron fry pan in the middle of the fire grate… charcoal around that… ready to add chips for smoking? Dump on a bunch, put on the meat… close all the ports and let it go for half an hour… Smoky goodness…
I’m experimenting with using oak wood coals… there is a unique flavor there too… but tricky to get the oak coals separated…

I believe I saw this same smoker at our local Walmart for around $300.00.

I called BJs online order number and spoke to a guy that (surprise) could barely speak English but was very nice and supposedly will be getting a $50 credit.

Back to the actual smoker. My wife has chicken for lunch almost every day so I have been brining boneless, skinless chicken breasts for her. One cup sugar and one cup salt to a gallon of water and dunk them for about 45 min, pat dry then smoke for a few hours at 225° or 165° internally measured with the probe. They come great every time.

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Well we did not get the $50 credit so rather than call the 866 number I called out local BJs and they suggested I stop in. So this morning we did that and the very nice young guy at customer service looked it up. He say’s I can’t give you a $50 credit because the smoker dropped another $50. We ended up with a $100 credit on our MC. Bottom line was it cost $200. Can’t touch one like it for that usually.

Again back to the actual smoker. Some time soon I would like to try a brisket. Any of you guys have any hints?

Git it about 4 days ahead… trim the fat so you have “about” 1/4” fat still on… there is one end that just is plain old fatty stuff… cut it off also… now to season it… I do enjoy Harleys. I coat it on thick, message it in with yer hands, then into a plastic bag until time to cook… I’ll turn it a few times a day too.
I get coals going in my Weber, try keep the temp close to 225… And I use a small cast iron fry pan for water surrounded by coals… when I put the meat on I add the wood chips to the coals… I will shut all vents so the wood doesn’t start a fire… lift the lid to get some air to the coals… about a 2 hour process… then open the vents… resume cooking…low and slow… I think it’s about an hour a pound… do NOT rush it… you will need to get some coals going to keep the cooking process going… internal temp should reach 210*F and the meat will be tender… take it off… cover/wrap… now get the coals to hot as you can…
Return the meat, rotate every 3-5 minutes… this is making bark…
I drooling now….
I wouldn’t be drinking too much during the cooking process…


Thanks for that advice. Our smoker is a pellet so I’m not used to not having the water bowl. So far it seems to keep the temp you set pretty much spot on though.

I never heard of Harley’s seasoning before. I use Dinosaur BBQ or Tony Chachere’s mostly. My Harley is in the shop getting ready to go or sell.

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That spoiled it somewhat lol

I suppose you could dump some brew over the meat to keep it cool? (:slightly_smiling_face:

I hit mine a little different. Couple days before smoking trim some of the fat off, 1/4” is usually ideal. Rub it with your choice of rub- I make my own. Pull the brisket out a couple hours before smoking. Inject beef broth. (LOW SODIUM IF YOU’RE USING A FAIR AMOUNT OF SALT IN THE RUB). Heat your smoker to 225°-250°. Place the brisket fat side up. Smoke until internal temps reach 155°-160°. Then wrap it in an aluminum pan with aluminum foil. This is called a crutch as your brisket will stall at these temps. Put it back on and cook until temp hits 198°-200°. PULL IT AND PLACE IT IN A COOLER WRAPPED IN A BLANKET FOR AT LEAST AN HOUR AND HALF. This is a huge step missed by many. The brisket will continue to cook a bit and the extra time allows the muscle to shrink and soak up moisture from the pan.
If I’m shredding I’ll move directly to that step. If slicing I might place it over hot coals to firm up the bark but often I just shred it as I can use it for multiple things- sandwiches, just pulled, brisket nachos (yum), over hamburgers, etc.
For pork I again use a homemade rub (with a little more sugar/brown sugar than my brisket rub). Again, take it out of fridge a few hours before putting it on. Inject it with apple juice. Smoke fat side up. Crutch it at 155°-160°. Pull at around 198°-200° and REST IT IN THE COOLER WITH A BLANKET for at least AN HOUR AND HALF. I usually shred mine since it’s more convenient.
Edit: corrected my pull temps.

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