New paddle and new spoon

Had to make a new paddle and spoon, mice got to it.


Well done!

Thank you. They will stay in the house!!

Dog gone meeces…. Many years ago, I saw a stainless steel paddle at Walmart… it was like 5 bucks… there will be NO meeces chewing this one! (:

I did have a ss spoon a few years ago. For something to try to make, I did my spoon first, then I thought about the paddle. Made it , liked it , used it. I always learn something on projects from wood working to brewing.
I did brew Thursday. I did not use any salt. Forgot to take it out with me. It was meant to be.

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Very cool. Tell us more about making them.

The paddle is made from walnut and the spoon is from cherry. I made the spoon handle 3 inches longer and I made the paddle section 3 inches longer and put another hole . The paddle is not as thick as the first. They are in the house with my other brew items that are to be inside.

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