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New mash tun results

I went ahead with the purchase of the hot beverage server for my second partial mash, NBs Speckled Heifer. Brew went off almost without any hiccups. I had wanted a target mash temperature of 154°F. Forgot to have some hot water on hand to adjust the temperature upward. Mash started at 152°F. I sealed the grains from the open volume above with an aluminum foil cap and a zip lock bag filled with bubble wrap for insulation.

I checked internal temperatures after the 60 minute mash time. At the wall of the hot beverage server the wort temperature was 146°F. One inch into the grains the temperature was 151°F.

Sparging was fairly easy. Lifted the grain bag and tied it off to the servers handle. Opened the serving tap to collect the wort in a kettle as I added the sparge water.

Checked the OG in the fermentor after aeration. 1.046 for an estimated recipe OG of 1.042. I checked the calibration of the old hydrometer used after considering how I may have been able to extract more sugars than the recipe was designed for. The hydrometer which I haven’t used in about 15 years was reading 0.004 points high in distilled water.

The happy yeast is fermenting this beer at 69°F.

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Sometimes I git the feeling that stirring also helps git yer mash to extract more potential… I’ve missed my heat readings because my thermometer was off … I trust those days are behind me with the old style thermapen… There so many variables that can grab en extra point here and there… I think we’ve covered so many that some of the new peeps are so overwhelmed by the possibilities… All good tho. Sneezles61

You will never notice the 2° difference so I would say it went very well. If I remember to, I stir the mash about half way through.

Temp wise my MT has a thermowell with a readout on the PID controller and a dial thermometer. I checked the temp with a traceable scientific thermometer because the two never agreed and found the dial one was closer. Again if it’s in the ballpark, I don’t worry about it.

I could shake to stir. This one being a partial mash not much total weight.

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