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New. Looking For Great Starter Kit


New here and looking forward to soaking up knowledge from this forum! I will be starting my first batch of home brew very soon. I am a long time craft brew lover. However, I’ve never made my own. I have been stocking up over the years on equipment. I’m finally ready to give it a go. I want to start fairly easy, so that’s why I’m thinking of using a kit.

I would really like to make a Citra Pale Ale or a solid IPA. I am a hop freak so I’m looking for something with a minimum of 65 ibu’s. I would love to do a Citra Pale Ale with some intense citra hop character. I know beggars can’t be choosers, though.

Any ideas on a solid starter kit with the above mentioned criteria that will not disappoint?


NB’s Dead ringer[/url] is a popular IPA, it’s a clone of Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, in fact NB used to call the kit Three Hearted Ale but the lawyers didn’t like that. [url=]Denny’s Rye IPA

is wildly popular too.

Dead ringer should be a good choice, but also try the chinook IPA or sinister warrior IPA. Sounds like you really need to check the inventory sheets and see what best suits your tastes.

+1 to these choices.

I’ve made the Chinook IPA twice now…the first time, I went through it so fast I was left wondering where it had gone! Good stuff! I have a batch of it in the fermenter now…I’m sure the other mentioned kits are great as well! Welcome to the addiction! Enjoy! :cheers:

+3 on IPA’s. I did the Dead Ringer as my 3rd kit, I think. It was so good. I just did 2 batches of sinistral warrior and they taste really good. They all finished over 6% ABV. Your hophead will thank you for doing any one of these beers :slight_smile:

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