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New Koji-kin?

Anyone know anything about this:

Actually pulled the trigger to try them out.


It arrived safe and sound. And fast. Nice looking, but the real test will be how it works.

The picture shows a little dark, but it’s a nice deep green.


I’m going to test it out with some 60% Atika Komachi that is due tomorrow.

It’s probably a little of everything (rice, steaming, resting, tray, temperature (93-95 F), but this is by far the best looking Koji I’ve produced yet, and the best behaving. No wide temperature swings into the 100’s.

A toji I was speaking with suggested a cedar tray, lined with mesh (soaked in water one hour), for the 2nd half of the incubation. Basically as a way to reduce the humidity content gradually. Have to say it worked great.

I was a little nervous about it going to spore and pulled it at about 42 hours. Looks like I had nothing at all to worry about. I have a small amount left in the incubator to spore and at 72 hours it is even more heavily covered with mycelium but no sign of sporing. Still bring white. :smiley:

[attachment=0]Tray 2.jpg[/attachment]

Nice job on the Koji John! I haven’t heard about soaking the cedar tray before. Did you use just plain tap water for that?



Even thought cedar is anti-microbial, I put it into water at 180 F and let it cool. Nothing seems worse the ware and it makes me feel better. And also quickly ‘extracted’ some of that very strong cedar essence. Although I love cedar, I’m not sure about cedar sake. I recall reading at some point about a toji commenting about their koji room having been nearly built of cedar, but used per-maturely, and the result was a sake with a hint of cedar.

So, yes to ‘just tap’ water, but I’m modify and say it was hot, boiled tap water. It’s a habit for all my brewing water to boil and cool it for the sake of chlorine removal.

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