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New Keezer too Short

I need some ideas. After a lot of research (but apparently not enough), I found a chest freezer (GE 10.6ft^3) on sale at Home Depot. The outside dimensions were all greater than my old, dead freezer and the capacity was greater. After it was delivered, I discovered the floor is much thicker (more insulation) and therefore the inside height is not enough to accommodate my corney kegs. I have about 25.5" inside height. I now have 3 layers of weather stripping taking up the gap between the lid and the freezer (about 1.375"). But it looks like crap and I am getting a lot of condensation inside. Any better/more permanent solutions/suggestions would be appreciated!

The most often solution used is to add a collar of 2 × lumber to raise the lid of the freezer.

I have read about that in the past. Do you have any details (I am not a talented woodworker, but I can follow directions)

There is actually a Keezer build video on the NB site that shows you how to do it. Its pretty simple.


Thank you, I will try to find it.

Here’s the link:

My collar measures 1.5" x 7". That raises the lid enough that I can set a keg on the compressor hump, giving me room for four kegs in a 7 cubic foot freezer. If you’re using ball-lock kegs you may need a wider collar. Hint: measure twice, cuss once.

If you’re a cheap skate or are in the doghouse for buying the freezer, you can use picnic taps with the serving line run through 3/8" holes in the collar. Once you’re out of the doghouse, add taps.


Had same thing with first kegurator. Took lots of foam out and did replace it with thinner foam. And made a wooden ring around the top of the fridge. The end result perfect. But now did buy old store soda bottle cooler. Can hold four kegs. You might want to look around. Did find mine. At a garage repo sale. Only the beast uses lots of power. Drives my wife crazy. But hey if a men want a hobby. Shutup

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Nice! One more project to add to my list. But this one moves to the top of the list! Thanks for the link, Old Dawg! I have gone from despair over a poorly chosen purchase to being psyched about a new and impressive setup.

Not in the doghouse, 5 years ago kegging was my wife’s idea because she saw what a “joy” bottling was for me. The original keezer was a freebie from the in-laws but unfortunately she passed before I got it into operation. She would be happy with my upgrade. Can’t wait to dump the picnic taps and get some real ones!!

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