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New IPA Recipe

Hey, folks,

I’ve been experimenting heavily in recent time and I’d like to make a hop bomb of an IPA in January. Can you send me suggestions for a recipe that does not involve Crystal malts? I want to experiment with base malts like 2-row, MO, Pale, etc. Too many of my past beers have had caramel and now it’s time to try something different.

Any thoughts on this experiment? Or on Crystal in general?


Maris otter makes a great base malt for SMaSH-style IPAs.

… That’s all I got.

[quote=“porkchop”]Maris otter makes a great base malt for SMaSH-style IPAs.

… That’s all I got.[/quote]

I used it for my oatmeal stout. Yes, very tasty.

Thomas. Fawcett. Pearl. Malt.

If its good enough for Alchemist, its good enough for me. My house IPA uses that, along with a small percentage of white wheat and a small percentage of crystal 10 (though I have not tried making a SMaSH with it…yet). I have subbed MO or pale ale malt (Simpsons, Breiss respectively), and they just arent the same.

I am with you on digging crystal less and less, particularly in hop-forward beers.

Mine is 9 lbs 2 row or sometimes MO or GP if I have it around, 1 1/2 lbs Munich, 1/2 lb c40, FWH a couple oz, magnum at 60 for 25-30 IBU, then hopstand below 170, DH in the keg and try to make it last a couple weeks!

you could drop the c malt and increase the munich or try vienna…

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