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I looked around and didn’t see a new member thread, so I am starting this thread to introduce myself.

I’m a National Guardsman deployed to a small Combat Outpost in Afghanistan, I’ll likely be home in September and I have ordered the Northern Brewer Deluxe Starter Kit along with the American Wheat Lager Extract Kit. In addition I have ordered Star San, a wort chiller, 28 inch plastic stirring paddle, Tap -a- Draft System, and a Cajun Classic 32 quart stock pot w/spigot. This stuff will be waiting on me when I get home.

My priorities when I get home are spend some quality time with my lovely wife, ride my motorcycle, and start my first batch of home brew. I’d like to experiment some but my first batch will probably be pretty much basic brew just to establish a “Base Line” and to ensure that I understand what I am doing.


Welcome to the forum!

Welcome and thank you for your service!

Well most importantly, THANK YOU! and welcome to the forum

Thank you for your service and welcome to the brewing obsession. Sounds like you’ll have a fantastic setup when you get home. You’ve got more equipment coming then most people accumulate in their first year of brewing. Good luck to you, get home safe and then START BREWING!!! :smiley:

Welcome and thank you for your service!

Thank you for your service and here is to your safe return. The sacrifice that you and your family have endured is greatly appreciated!
If you have any questions please feel free to ask as there will always be an answer.

Plus a million.

Safe trip home! Good luck brewing!!!

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