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New fermentor? ... n-your-gut

Just wow.
Basically, a guys stomach was “infected” with brewers yeast, so when he ate something with a bunch of sugars it would ferment in his stomach and get him drunk.

Convenient, but you loose the subtleties of the beer. :lol:

How strange. All the work we go to to keep our yeasties happy and alive. Who knew that they could thrive at 98 degrees in hydrochloric acid. Maybe I’ll try to raise some in that environment. Riiiiiiiight. :roll:

Just take two Campdens and call me in the morning. :shock:

LOL, no kiddin. That’s some pretty tolerant yeast.

Kinda makes me wonder why scientists haven’t figured out that yeast or how to blend crab grass with bluegrass. Freakin’ crab grass can grow in 200 degree heat and only be watered once a week with piss.

I suspect there is more to this story-this guy may be on some type of acid-blocking medication for gastroesophogeal reflux or something to allow the yeast to survive in his stomach. Maybe he is consuming a lot of yeast as well for one reason or another, but normally stomach acid would kill most of the yeast in a beer or wherever he is getting it. It can’t bee that comfortable to have that much fermentation going on in your stomach-lots of gas or burping.

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