New Corny Kegs

I purchased these kegs from “Adventures in Home Brewing”

No issues getting them delivered and at $75 per keg that’s not too bad. There have been a lot of complaints about some of the kegs lately both new and used. These are high quality and are just like the regular corny kegs except they are made for beer. Anyway a couple of things;

1 they need to be cleaned really well with some good strong dish wash liquid like Dawn. Assume there is some kind of petroleum product used in the manufacture that is still present since they are brand new.

2 the lip around the main opening is a bit sharp. You can take some 220 wet/dry sand paper and go around that lip several times to smooth it out. I cut my arm up a bit while washing the first one out.

I would be upset about that. I’ve bought used kegs from them and had to give them a cleaning, but a new keg that has sharp edges and oil on them is pretty bad. I hope you gave them a scathing review.

Maybe my comments were a little confusing. I’m actually happy with kegs. The sharp edge is nothing to fix and the petrol smell is nothing a little soap and water can’t fix and is to be expected with a new unit. I’m very happy with these kegs and would happily purchase 2 more. Some of the other companies selling used kegs had some horrible reviews for $50-60 used kegs, they came with severe damage. So I figured for a few bucks more why not get new ones.

That’s a decent price for new kegs. I kind of agree with your logic. I just saw on homebrew finds that MoreBeer has used kegs for 64.99 with free shipping. 10 bucks more for new ones isn’t bad, but that’s 20 bucks worth of ingredients too. Guess that’s why all my kegs were purchased used or reconditioned. I don’t think I paid more than 60 for any of them.

I was lucky to see in advance that ball locks were going to run out soon after Pepsi went to the bag system. About 5 years ago I bought a bunch of them up at $35-$40/keg. I now have 14 ball lock and 2 pin lock kegs now. Think I’m done buying them for awhile.

I have a buddy who got into homebrewing a couple years ago. It’s amazing at how the prices changed. When he started kegging I guided him to those kegs as well. Looks like decent quality for $75.00.

Same here. I got a bunch of used kegs from AIH. Never paid more than $34. Mine are pins. Not sure why ball locks seem to be so popular. We have been using ball locks in construction forever and they are not without their problems. Pins are on or off nothing to get dirty or stickey. I would use ball lock but would never pay more for them.

I like them because of the smaller diameter. I can fit 4 in my keezer. If I have to use pins I can’t, and that’s just unacceptable! :smile:

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That makes sense. Are they taller?

A little taller. Ball locks are 25" tall by 8.5" diameter. Pin locks are 23" tall by 9" diameter. Pins are better suited if headspace for tubing/connects are a concern.

My pins just clear the top of my freezer. Some day I should build a riser on that freezer bu I’m waiting for an upgrade to come my way.