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New buckets from NB?

Anyone used the new buckets from NB? The one with the yellow and brown label?

I made a pale ale this past sunday, pitched some S-04 but didn’t see any airlock activity after 48 hours. So I opened the bucket, it showed very little krausen, so I pitched a pack of 05 just to be sure. I still saw no airlock activity. If I pressed down on the lid I barely got bubbles. I opened the lid a bit today, looks like it already fermented as I can see the signs of ‘past krausen’ on the sides of the bucket above the liquid. Just seems kinda fast as I pitched yeast Sunday afternoon and then re-pitched Tuesday.

I’m assuming the lid just isn’t tight. Funny that it’s the same style bucket as the past NB buckets and I always had airlock activity from them.

I guess I’ll wait another week, then check the gravity. Smells like fermented beer ha.

I don’t count on my buckets to seal tight enough for an airlock to work. even the ones that seal at first, tend to wear and leak a bit. No big deal, although the airlock activity is comforting.

+1, I don’t stress if the airlock isn’t bubbling. Take a gravity reading if you’re really worried.

check your airlock, I have bought arilocks that have been plugged

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