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New brewing equipment

What’s some brewing equipment I should buy? I’m going to a brewing store tomorrow or Friday and I need some recomendations on what I should get. I have a beer starter kit but I don’t have an actual professional set up. I know I need a stainless steal pot but what else? I need brewing equipment, bottling, and fermenting equipment.

[quote=“Ireland98”] I have a beer starter kit but I don’t have an actual professional set up[/quote]What do you mean by starter kit, the ingredients to make a batch or equipment? You don’t need a professional set up to make good beer, proper procedures go much further in that regard.

I would buy their most basic starter kit. It should have a bucket and lid for fermenting, another for bottling, an air lock , some tubing, a siphon, bottle capper, hydrometer, etc. You’ll need sanitizer too, get Starsan if they have it.

Stainless steel is nice but not required, aluminum pots

are inexpensive and work just as well. I would suggest getting at least a 10 gallon pot fro 5 gallon batches provided you have the means to boil 6-7 gallons.

At the end of the day the best thing you can do to make good beer is to gain knowledge, this forum is a great place for that.

It was the Mr. Beer starter kit I got a little bit ago … s=Mr.+beer
(that’s if you want to take a looksies). And thanks for all the info :smiley:

A lot of people got their start in brewing with Mr Beer kits, nothing wrong with that. MB kits are limited as far as ingredients and they’re expensive for just 2 gallons of beer. I would suggest that you brew your MB kit per their instructions and then do a proper brew with your new equipment, your homebrew shop will be able to set you up with a recipe kit and explain the process.

If you haven’t already, I would peruse the recipe kits at our host’s site

, they’re all tried and true.

Extract or all grain? What’s your budget? How large will your batches be? How often do you plan on brewing? Is it a passing fancy or a burning desire? How good do you want your beer to be? How interested are you in the science of brewing? How much do you want to be in control?

Read this:

[quote=“Ireland98”]It was the Mr. Beer starter kit I got a little bit ago … s=Mr.+beer
(that’s if you want to take a looksies). And thanks for all the info :smiley: [/quote]

as I understand it, I THINK the MR Beer kit will have everything you need. It is just a 2 gallon batch I believe so you should have a large enough stock pot already to use to brew. I don’t think there is anything else you need but I have not used the full mr beer kits

As mentioned above, try this a few times especially since you have the mr beer kit. If you find you like the hobby then you can always expand and maybe graduate from the mr beer kit set up to a simple extract kit for 5 gallons etc.

Mr. Beer is a great gateway to brewing. My buddy gave me his and that’s how I got started. That kit includes two basic beer kits, your fermenter and your bottles so all you will need is a pot that can hold 4 cups of water plus the can of hopped malt extract. I started with our spaghetti noodle pot. :wink: I would also mention they have some decent recipes
on their site so you may want to give one or two a try and see what you think depending on how fast you want to jump into brewing.

If (more likely when) you decide you want to step up your game a little bit, there is a ton of good information on these forums that can range from beginner to quite advanced discussions on brewing. What you would need to step up to 5 gallon batches would be a basic kit like This beginner kit[/url] or [url=]This deluxe kit

depending on your preference. This will get you a fermentation vessel, a bottling bucket, and racking equipment for moving from one vessel to the other plus a capper and some bottle caps plus cleaners.

You would also need a pot big enough to boil 3-5 gallons of water and a place to boil it. I would recommend at least a 5 gallon pot but you can get away with something smaller. I started on the stove with too small of a pot and made quite a mess on my first boilover. :lol: One of the nice advantages to the 5 gallon kits is you get twice the beer for roughly the same price but there is more work involved than the Mr. Beer kits but that’s half the fun of brewing.

Then if you want to upgrade I would recommend a decent kettle as a first step and then decide where you want to go from there.


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