new brewer...

New guy here and my goody box arrived from Northern Monday. I really tried to wait until the week end to do my first batch, but I failed, and brewed the Caribou Slobber last night.

After reading comments about massive blow offs, I used a 2 gallon bucket instead of the gallon jug…and it is very aggressive, but well contained. About 12 hours in, this thing is just puffing like a steam engine, bubbling away. Wish the bucket was glass so I could really watch it work!

I have it sitting on my desk in my office so I can watch it! I feel like a proud Poppa at a Little League game! So, how long before a old man gets tired of watching bubbles?? :lol:

Have these other kits, all one gallon:

Sierra Madre
WHite House Honey Ale
Black IPA
german Blonde
Rum Runner Bavarian Hefe

Which one would be less aggressive and work well in the one gallon jug without massive blow off? I want to watch it work!


Other brewers may be able to key in on a particular kit, but I’ll share what I know for now. To avoid aggressive fermentations:

  • Stay away from wheat or Belgian yeasts
  • Keep fermentation temperatures in the low to mid sixties
  • Stay away from beers with high original gravities

I too am a new brewer working on second batch now. First was caribou slobber which definitely has a very very active fermentation! Once you finish off the one gallon batches, i might recommend graduating to a 5 gallon kit. I use the 5 gallon and have no problems worrying about blowoff or anything. It keeps it very contained, it’s effecient, and it makes more beer per batch!!

(I too love watching it bubble away!)
Happy brewing!

OP, bad news… none of those kits are effective in 1gal carboy. 1gal wort in 1gal carboy = blowoff. My suggestion, buy another 2gal bucket. They are cheap and easy insurance. Remember, blowoff is lost beer! Use the 1gal carboy for secondary if need be (for dry hopping, aging, etc.).

The only reason you should use a one gallon jug for a one gallon batch of beer is if you want to bulk age it after it has finished fermentation. Even low gravity beers fermented cool will produce enough kraussen to cause problems in a full jug. If you want to watch the fermentation in action, get a 1.5 or 2 gallon jug.

Welcome to a great hobby!