New Brewer Question

I recently got into the home brewing hobby and have about a 1,000 questions but will start off with a couple. I have brewed four batches now and bottled my first one…turned out ok. I kegged my second batch and turned out pretty dang good. Now, I want to keg and bottle my third batch. What do I need to do? Can I keg the batch, carbonate the batch, then bottle it? or do I have to get priming tablets, put them in some bottles, add the beer and then keg the rest? What about the priming sugars? Any advise would be a great help. Thanks.

There are so many ways you could do this. It is slightly harder to bottle once it is carbonated, but a Blichmann beer gun is very handy. IMHO here are your two easiest options:

#1 Keg the beer, add priming sugar, purge the keg of oxygen, give it a good mix, and bottle off of a picnic tap or faucet by adding some sort of bottling wand.

#2 Keg the beer, purge the keg of oxygen, put a carb tab in each bottle, and bottle off of a picnic tap or faucet with a homemade bottling wand.

Keep everything sanitary, any keep your serving pressure down to 2-3lbs.

I use a beer gun and bottle once it is carbonated, but I still have problems at times with air getting in the line somehow and foaming up in the bottle. :cheers:

Keg and force carbonate. Then use a picnic tap, bottling wand and a drilled stopper.

Thanks for the help…got the job down, now time to enjoy. I appreciate the help.