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New brewer here

hellp all it is nice to be here. I got my brew kit last thursday and saturday was brew day. I ordered the slobbers with the kit to start with and will see how it go,s I followed the paper work as it said and got it in the fermenter got up sunday morning and I could here it working like mad. it has settled down to a steady rumble now and doing its thing.

Welcome to a great hobby. Time to start planning your next brew. That can keep you busy during the month you should wait before the first one is ready to drink.

The instructions say to rack to a secondary. Totally unnecessary. Temperature control is the most important. Take a hydrometer reading in two weeks. Take another three days later. If they are the same, initial fermentation is complete. With one more week in the fermentor the yeast will cleanup and sediments will drop out for a nice clear beer.

that was my plan to do it that way I just have the one fermenter so I was going to give it 2 weeks and check it and if needed let it sit one more before bottle.

a update had the first bottle of my slobers tonight and it turned out great. The carb is a touch high but I think a little more time sitting in the bottle will fix that . :cheers:

Try to save four bottles to enjoy 6 months from now.

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