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New Belguim Trippel

this has been my staple brew for about a month now, anyone else tried it? what are your thoughts on it…

it was one of my store bought staples. that and the Abby & Frambozen. I really enjoyed the Trippel.

My wife loves it. She calls it her “Trip L”.


very good beer. new belgium is awesome.

plug: if you got some spare $$$ try their lips of faith series. ‘Clutch’ is my favorite, but they have a new fresh hop ale out, that i am excited to try

yep love most all of new belgiums brews…looked at the store today for the lips of faith series, to no avail, and got some local beer instead. kilt lifter ruby ale by pike brewery, not sure how far their distribution stretches, but its some fine ale, aslo a bit pricy but well worth every penny in my book.

Yes, very nice beer :cheers: What I always found interesting was IMO this beer has the same toasted malt flavor that you can find in their other beers like Fat Tire. Seems to be almost a house flavor.

I think this is an excellent beer. I’ve been really impressed with everything I’ve tried from new belgium in the past few months. Their “abbey ale” is very good too.

up until the beginning of 2009 New Belgium’s beers seemed to have that same malty flavor, then we saw the national expansion of New Belgium to the East coast. We also saw the addition of the lips of faith series, I do Like the Fresh Hop variety. We also have seen the Explorer series expand their sales. After this brewery installed their East coast brewery, I felt they were too big for me. I really enjoy Ranger in a can as cans offer the very best flavor and freshness that bottles can not match, I’m ready for the new 16oz cans in March, Oskar Blues brewing is also going 16 oz cans, following Tallgrass brewing’s lead. The 8 pk sampler of pints from Tallgrass has 4 great flavors.

I have had the luxury of tasting ruffly 90% of the beer offered at our local Liquor mart, it helps that we are on first name basis w/shop employees who are sure to point out the newest additions to their stock

Sorry, I got off the subject a bit…

Back on track to the thread…The only beer I have NOT tried from New Belgium is SHIFT because it has NOT been released YET, I will be looking forward to the 16 oz can when available, IMO these ARE good beers. A beer that New Belgium made years ago that I have not seen for more than 10 years is ‘Old Cherry Ale’ and this last year they ceased production on 2 below to introduce ‘Snow Day’.

and two below was better imo.

new belgium in cans? never seen it here on the west coast…interesting. i prefer bottles though.

2below was better! Cans are the best vessel for Beer that will travel & kegging is a must for Beer that stays home, ZERO light enters the can/keg, with Brown, Green or clear bottles even the light in your refrigerator can ruin homebrew or commercially available beer, I myself do enjoy Beer in just about any vessel.

NBB has been canning since late 2009… any Tallgrass brewing sampler 8pks out there?? Oskar Blues Brewing beers out there? Dale’s Pale Ale, Momma’s lil’ Yellow Pils, Ten Fidy, Gubna, Old Chub, G’knight are the names of their canned beer bliss…

I agree with the cans, I find that the same IPA’s I’ve had in bottles were much better in the can, seemed like the flavor and aroma was better, but that’s just my opinion :mrgreen: I’d love to try Ranger in the can, it’s probably the most frequent NB beer I buy.

I’ve only bought one six pack of Trippel, it’s not really common where I live, but I really enjoyed it. I’d like to try it again one of these days.

Speaking of old releases does any one remember their Biere de Mars in six packs? That was one of my first legal six packs I purchased, I thought it was the bees knees! Then I tried it just a year or so ago when they released it in their lips of faith series, didn’t quite seem the same, I wonder if it was a different beer.

I believe it was one & the same however NBB has good customer service online, I suggest a visit to their site and send them an e-mail asking such… My last response time from NBB was 5 days…Just
last week…

Trippel is excellent and one of my staple beers. Not sure how people can compare Two Below to Trippel however, two totally different styles (apples and oranges). Two Below is however a very good beer in its own. I’ve had Shift…not bad, reminds me of Stella without the skunk funk. NBB Abbey is also on of my favorites (their original flagship brew). As far as canning goes, I had trouble with it at first because of tradition, but I pour all good brews in a glass to drink, so I really don’t care what it comes out of if it is good, no taste differences.

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