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New beer fermentation

Just checking to see if this is normal. I made an American cream ale kit today, everything went well. I cooled the wort to 65-70 and pitched the yeast and stirred lightly, as the instructions stated (I used a sanitized racking cane). It’s been a few hours and now there are lumps floating on the top of the beer, I assume it’s yeast… But I never had krausen form like this, or the yeast collect like this. Thanks for your help.

Yup, all good. Jut sit back and enjoy the show. Welcome to the forum!


Thanks for the response. This is my first 5 gallon batch, everything else I’ve done so far has been 1 gallon small batches. I just never saw these lumps floating on top lol… Glad to know it’s normal.

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Just a little future advice, the stirring isnt really necessary. Just pitch it and let it go. If you are aerating via shaking, you can just shake it up for a few seconds.

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