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New Bayou Classic Burner

I just purchased a BC Model SP-10 yesterday at Lowes for $55.00. I thought I would post my experience so far.

It’s a fairly heavy duty unit and I don’t see any issues with it supporting a 10 gallon boil.

I boiled 5 gallons of 45º water in 30 minutes. I don’t know if that is good or not? That was in a 64 quart brew pot with a heavy duty bottom.

After firing up for the first time I smelled a really bad odor [kind of a toxic smelling chemical odor]. On further investigation I burned off all the paint above the burner. They used a cheap paint not a high heat paint that came off when I turned the burner to high. I may just buy a can of high temp header paint and touch up that top grate.

Anyway other than the issue with the crappy paint it’s a pretty good unit and at 55 bucks is much less than most.

I have the Bayou Classic SQ-14, which is pretty much the square version of yours. I had the same issue with the paint burning off, but it now works fine. I’m happy with it, until I get my Blichmann.

I’ve been using this burner for over a year now and I still love it. Yea the paint burned off first use…so?

I’m brewing today and I heated my sparge water 52 degrees from the well to boiling in 18 minutes. Once I get my wort to a boil I can turn it waaay back. Very efficient burner. I’ll likely buy a second one like this or maybe a banjo burner when I build my rack soon. Only reason to upgrade would be bling factor IMHO, and functionality is more important to me.

Just an FYI on this burner in case anyone is considering one. I’m returning mine and not getting another. On my last batch I noticed the flame getting weak and I thought the propane was running out. Turns out the regulator is no good. Thought the orifice might be plugged but I don’t think it was. I tried that same propane tank on my old turkey fryer and it worked like a champ. IMO the Bayou Classic burner is a piece of crap. I took my angle grinder with a thin blade and cut that ring off my turkey frier now I have a stainless steel burner that I can actually depend on.

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