Me looking for a nice neipa recipy. Ones i got new grains in da house. And back on the island. That should be monday night

Sent you mine

What do you have on hand hops and grain

Thank you sir

Got citra.magnum galaxy cetennial saaz. Hallertau.eastkent. simcoe grains under way. Pilsner. 2 row. 6 row. Marris munich. Cara malt. Flaked oats i can buy at local super market.

Me trying this. Never did a neipa. But had on on amsterdam airport. This got me thinking again about brewing one

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Only question i got left. Ones you start. Dryhop schedule. Do you leave hops in or pull them out. When you add the next hops. Me thinking leave them in. And add new hops.

I only have one dry hop in mine so I don’t know. I think I’d leave 'em in if I did a multiple.

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Flame out hops below170F seem the be important to the juice part of the NEIPA


This ^^^^^^^. I dry hop at high krausen and then when I keg

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