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Made another version of our NEIPA. The LHBS was out of WLP-008 which is what we used before. He suggested using Llamond London ESB yeast. I thought about it and we have a fresh ESB yeast cake and a us05 yeast cake. I decided to rack it onto the US05 and tossed on an extra packet as well. I am curious how different this one might be from the last due to the yeast but am not overly concerned since I have read that folks use any ale yeast to make an NEIPA. Thoughts/comments?


US-05 has become my go-to IPA yeast because it’s so freaking convenient. It’s also cheap. It may floc a bit more than you’d like for a NEIPA; my recent beers have been crystal clear, while I think of NEIPAs as cloudy.

I’m just a sucker for English yeast, so I may be biased, but a soft, fruity English yeast seems more appropriate than a Chico strain to me. But then again, I haven’t really done a NEIPA, so my opinion is all theoretical.

Forgot that I had a discussion about the recipe design before I made it the first time: Neipa?
Here’s the recipe:
9# 2 row
1.75# White wheat
1.75# Flaked Oats
.5# Carapils

Mash at 156

1 oz Magnum FWH
1oz ea of Amarillo, Mosaic, Simcoe at 1 min, 15 min Hopstand at 170, and 7 day DH
This is what it looked like first time around and was delicious:

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Thanks for the input guys. I was afraid of the ESB yeast cake thinking it would impart some of the ESB flavor into the beer but sounds like that’s a newbie fear. It’d probably be worthwhile to give this beer a whirl using that yeast as well and see how it compares to the original and the 05 version. Thanks again and cheers!

Nice! That’s a lot of hops! I’ve always been a little gun shy about Simcoe. Afraid of the cat pee smell.

I like the hop shows and didn’t find anything objectionable in the aroma on this beer. Unless there’s been something striking bad or good, we’ve made very limited tasting notes though. We’re still new enough we classify them as make it again or not. :thinking: Perhaps time to get a little more serious about tasting notes.

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Citra and occasionally nelson throw some cat pee for me…but never simcoe.

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Just tried brewing my first neipa using wlp008 as well. Kegged it Sunday and it smelled delicious so I can’t wait to try. After traveling to Boston over the summer I’ve been quite spoiled with the beers I brought home. Tree House has their crap together if anybody is looking to try a solid neipa. Your recipe looks very similar to the one I brewed @WMNoob. Simcoe is my favorite hop by far and plays very nicely with Amarillo

Perhaps you meant… sprays? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Sneezles61

I enjoy an NEIPA and my friend makes a weekly trip to treehouse but really they all taste the same to me

Got to taste mine after a week carbing and it’s solid. I think it will be even better in another week or 2. We visited Treehouse twice in the week we were in Boston and I got my hands on Alter Ego, Julius, Green and Haze. Alter Ego is my fave and is the big brother of Julius having that added Mosaic in the dryhop. Also scored some tasty offerings by Trillium and Nightshift as well. Planning our next trip already! Anybody do any trading on here?

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