Need yodan recommendations

Just racked my first sake and pressed lees. What a sh1tshow! I did the Taylormade recipe/process. Fruity, boozy, acidic, and quite dry…and did I say boozy (but not ‘hot’ per se)? Smells awesome. I have made no additions yet. I got a low yield…only about 2-1/4 to 2-1/2 gallons into a 3 gallon carboy. Some rice made it in so I’ll have to rerack carefully. Any recs on how much water to add? Does anyone add potassium bicarbonate or even sodium bicarbonate to counter some of the acidity? I have some potassium bicarbonate from mead making.

Young nigorisake for breakfast…mmmmm.

Any help appreciated.

After pasteurization, a settle period from 1 to 6 months will help round out the acidity I have found. You could ameliorate by adding some sugar to balance the acid. Adding some water will bring the sake out of genshu strength to regular strength, but like mead, it would require tasting small measured amounts for tasting and then scale up.

Sometimes before pressing and pasteurizing, adding more steamed rice for a few weeks sweetens up the sake because the enzymes are still there but the yeast has retired. Depends on how much rice is added.