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Need welder for Brutus 10 Build

Looking for some help in finishing up my Brutus 10 build, I started a few months back, got to busy to finish it up. I have every thing for the build but I need a welder to help with the frame and mounting the burners. Also looking for anyone interested in the electrical aspect as we’ll, I don’t trust my self with that task.

Does any one know any good/affordable welding shops or anyone looking for some side work?

Where are you located?

I’m in uptown

I have used a welder that welds for a living at the Kemps dairy in NE MPLS. PM me if you want me to send his info to you. Haven’t used him in a while, but I’m assuming he would still do work on the side. Being a welder at a dairy he does some pretty amazing work.

Also have a B-10 that I have had for a few years. This welder did not weld it for me as I had a neighbor who welded it for me. Wish now I had gone stainless and had it welded by a professional.

what kind of electrical work do you need for this, High voltage (110-240) or control line (6-24 volts). I may be able to help. Cheers

there was a certain former Marine who fancied himself to be a welder on here. . .

Looking for a bit of both for the voltage, I’ve got all the parts to build the control panel from The Doghouse brew take on the Brutus set up.
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