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Need to know, what level to carbonate my oatmeal stout. ASAP it’s in keg ready to go!

Hi, Everyone, this is my first time brewing a batch. When I started this a few weeks ago I made sure I got every single thing I could possibly need for this and reachsearched everything on the site and looked trough the forum posts. Every this have gone perfect I brought the oatmeal stout kit from Northern Brewer with there dry yeast option, fermented 2 weeks, 1 week condoning, ABV came out to 4.06. Today though once I got the beer in the key I’m now confused again about what the carbon level should be set on my regulator for my oatmeal stout. This is already a fantastic beer without the gas when I took a taste I really want it to work. Any help is appreciated!

I don’t keg my beer but since no knowledgeable keggers are viewing right now maybe these two links will get you started.

Thank you I do appreciate the links, but I’ve already read those today trying to figure it out. Do you know of a good force carbonating calculator by chance?

What temp is your beer being stored at? How soon do u want to drink it?

Ok update, after doing more research and looking through posts, went to a forced carbonation calculator and came up with (vol of co2= 1.8), (keg temp 40) for putting in fridge, (regulator setting 4.7). Now in answer to your question uncdeo I just put the keg in the fridge 10 minutes ago in which it was exactly 74 degrees. Also if it’s done by Thursday I’m happy, but in no way do I was to sacrifice quality. Please let me know if anything is off, and how long it will take to carbonate.

Me do forced carbonation at 20 psi for 3 days. After i shake the keg for 30 min. To get the co2. In my beer. After 3 days set my gauge to serving pressure. Let the keg stand for 7 days. And ready to drink. What i do have is a separate keg conection only for carbonation. Ones ready hook it on my tap conection and ready to drink

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Deleted cus link to CO2 volumes to psi wont post.

Edited to add: just looked again @flars second link. It contains a volumes of CO2 table at the end. Volumes are determined by temp of the beer. Usually I will carb stouts to about 2.2 volumes.

I don’t generally force carbonate but for a stout I would hook it up in line with my other kegs @ 10psi. Then after 5 days or so I would disconnect the gas and just serve on gas pressure and give it a shot as needed. If I had a dedicated regulator I’d probably just set it at around 7 psi. It’s easy enough to fiddle with carbonation in the keg.

My SOP for force carbing is set regulator at 30 psi for 24 hours as it comes down to temperature. Then I drop the regulator to 20 psi for another 3-4 days. Around day 5 I start checking carbonation level. My serving pressure is 8-9 psi for my kegerator. I keep the temp around 38.


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Here i set my psi to 10 for serving pressure.

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