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Need to carbonate 1 gallon

I made 6 gallons of beer in my last batch. I have 5 of them in a Corney Keg and we are fine, I had the other gallon in a secondary fermenter doing some extra flavoring stuff… my plan was to carbonate that with my 1 gallon Ukeg (pressurized growler), which I have done multiple times before. The problem is that the regulator cap broke, and the replacement is going to be here on Thursday, but I have a party on Tuesday night (NYE)… Can I take that 1 gallon, and put that in a 5 gallon corney keg?
How would I get the (4 gallons) of air out of the keg?

Thanks in Advance

I put in about a gallon of star San… Push CO2 through the liquid post… and have a gas connector on the gas post to allow the air to escape… About a minute long adventure… Then reverse the whole set up and push the star San out…
I hope you can push your brew into the keg with CO2 also… You can chill for couple day… then put the regulator at 40 PSI’s… push the gas through the liquid post and shake it vehemently… it’s gotta be cold… Put it in your keezer… Bleed off the excessive gas… Hook up to your standard CO2 setup and enjoy!

I might be late for the party on this one, but I always purge, then fill, kegs as follows. Fill the keg completely with sanitizer then close it up and use CO2 to push the sanitizer out the liquid post. (If you do several kegs at a time, fill the next keg with the sanitizer you are pushing out,) You are left with a pressurized keg full of CO2. Leave it like that until you are ready to fill it with beer. Vent the CO2 from the gas post and fill through the liquid post.

Got it, thank you both.
Disaster averted. We got to drink beer that night!

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