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Need some help: Bavarian Weiss recipe

The temp in the basement is right for Weiss bier.
I have some harvested yeast from my last Weiss batch. (how long does this last at 55-65 degrees?)
Raspberries are just about in season.

With that, I need some help. Want to brew a traditional Bavarian Weiss as a base and add some tweaks. I’m thinking raspberries, ginger, and maybe even a little rye for fun. This will be for an all grain batch.

How much ginger? When to add?
How much raspberries? When to add? (thinking secondary)
How much rye in the mash? 5 to 10 percent of grain bill or less?

I welcome any and all suggestions from the experts.

Ok, just because I am answering your question does not mean that I agree with your Frankenstein-weiss’n, nor does it mean I am an expert, but here goes. Without completely overpowering the beer, add 6oz fresh ginger root per 5 gallons at 0 mins, skin it and grate it or put it through a food processor, I think that will be about right for this light of style of beer, some taste without overpowering the whole thing. As far as the raspberry, I would just go the easy and predictable route and get some extract, the kind that can easily be added post fermentation. If you want to get all crazy AND try to maximize flavor than add fresh raspberries post fermentation, but it’s going to take quite a few, I would say 5lb’s at least, and you risk infection if you just toss em in, so then you have to get them to a boil, but that might cut down on their flavor some? As far as the rye goes…why? But if you haven’t stopped yourself at ginger or raspberries than certainly don’t stop at rye, but really I have no idea what may be a correct amount of rye? I suppose you could substitute some of the pale wheat malt for some rye? If you want to make a damn good weiss beer find “the Great Bavarian Weiss Beir project of 07/08” and follow it to a T, that will make you some good Weiss!!! Sounds like you are after something different though. You could always use that recipe as your starting point. Good luck!

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