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Need input on cold conditioning/more yeast at bottling

Hey all,

For the past 2 weeks I have had a Russian Imperial Stout I made in my fridge to cold crash/condition before I bottle it. Given that amount of time in the cold temperature (40 degrees), would I need to pitch more yeast before I bottle it? It sat in primary for 1.5 months, and then I racked to secondary for 5 months. I’m conditioning it just to settle some stuff out of it, and because I added some cocoa nibs to it for a little chocolate flavor. Let me know what you think!!!

Based on the length of time in secondary and the cold crash, I would say 100% yes. If you add yeast, it cannot hurt but if you don’t and it needs it, that is a problem

[quote=“560sdl”]If you add yeast, it cannot hurt but if you don’t and it needs it, that is a problem[/quote]+1 Add the yeast and sleep soundly, knowing that your precious beer will carb correctly!

Thanks for the responses guys. I used Wyeast 1056 for it, so would I just pitch 1 whole smack pack into the carboy? Or would I only do a partial pitch? This particular beer is also 10% ABV.

For 10% ABV, I would add a packet of S-04 or US-05, rehydrated.

I add 1/4 packet rehydrated T-58 for bottle conditioning and I get perfect carbs each time. When I didn’t do this I used to end up with undercarbonated beer. I think a lot of times the yeast is too tired or too few in numbers to continue to carb up.

a whole dry yeast pack? im about to bottle something very similar though its actually probably closer to 11%. though it hasn’t been cold conditioned…just secondary for 3 months at low-60s.

just don’t want to over do it.

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