Need Hops & Vines for Wedding

Good morning,

I am getting married July, 16, 2016 and our theme is based on brewing. I am a home brewer, but am first starting to grow my own hops this year, so they will not even be close to ready by our wedding.

I am looking to see where I can purchase (or if someone would be willing to donate) hops and their vines for our wedding? If anyone can provide me information or point me in the right direction, that would be great. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


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Congrats and good luck. been married for 37 yrs. Sorry I don’t have the room to grow hops.

If you cannot find hop “bines” in time you could replace the hops with its close cousin. Nobody will know :wink:

Do not use Bines for a bouquet though. Most people get red welts from the little hairs… your bride will be P.O.ed

Edit: Where are you located?

Thank you kindly, sir! Yeah, I got a good one, so that’s why I wanna make sure I pull my weight when helping with wedding items. Don’t want to start on the wrong foot!

Hi squeegeethree,

Thanks for the information. I am located in Milwaukee, WI. That is a good idea…just trying to line someone up soon who can help me acquire the items.


I’m basing this on my experience in the Twin Cities… in July, most hop growers will have big long bines with lots of burrs, maybe some cones showing up. In my first year, my Cascades were at this stage, so you may have something to use. As for the big impressive cones you see in pictures, I think you may be a bit early to see that… although we do seem to be having an early spring, so maybe things will be further along. I wish you the best of luck in finding bines, and in your marriage.

As a back-up, you can certainly order hops garlands that look pretty darn realistic. In Milwaukee of all places, I wouldn’t be surprised if local craft shops had them in stock.

Good luck! :beer: