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Need help with bavarian weiss recipe (with tweaks)

Tried this in the recipe exchange but maybe I misunderstood the purpose of that side as I got no replies. So I’ll try again…

The temp in the basement is right for Weiss bier.
I have some harvested yeast from my last Weiss batch. (how long does this last at 55-65 degrees?)
Raspberries are just about in season.

With that, I need some help. Want to brew a traditional Bavarian Weiss as a base and add some tweaks. I’m thinking raspberries, ginger, and maybe even a little rye for fun. This will be for an all grain batch.

How much ginger? When to add?
How much raspberries? When to add? (thinking secondary)
How much rye in the mash? 5 to 10 percent of grain bill or less?

I welcome any and all suggestions from the experts.

Personally I wouldn’t adulterate a perfectly good hefe with your tweaks but hey it’s your beer…

Properly harvested yeast lasts a lot longer (weeks) at fridge/cooler temps than cellar temps. There would be a chance of autolysis at warmer temps. Crack the lid and if it doesn’t smell off it is probably fine. Next time store in fridge.

Ginger add 7-10 grams (hint) up to 2oz (in yer face) freshly grated depending on desired effect 10 minutes to KO

Raspberries add previously frozen and pureed up to 1lb per gallon of wort in secondary

No more than 10% should be good for a hint of rye

Good luck with your banana, clove, ginger, raspberry, rye, and wheat flavored concoction! Prost

That’s worth two dollars. Thanks! Just the kind of spirit I was looking for. Of course, if the kids eat all the raspberries before I can put them in the secondary, cest la vie. Thanks again…

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