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Need help to build the chiller for kegs in patio mobile cooler

Hi guys I just signed up here tonight.My name is Greg I own a woodworking company and I build a mobile patio cooler. I use a commercially made cooler. I use upcycled lumber so that I keep material out of the land fill. I have a possible client that wants me to make a cooler into a kegerator. Wondering if anyone has experience building a chiller system to chill a keg. I can build the box to keep the chiller in and the insulated box for the keg. Just not sure how to set it up. I know nothing about the refrigeration or how to build the system. Maybe I am over my head with all this.

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First of all, do you know some one that does HVAC? I would employ them to … size the condenser, help to understand how to lay the chiller lines… Then to charge the lines… You could figure out another way to chill the unit with ice… perhaps even liquid CO2… You still need to have more peeps that can help you do a “think tank” about… how and what… I wasn’t much help, yet, there are many ways to do… Look at a propane fired refrigerator for a camper too? Sneezles61

Ok I will look into that thank you.

Welcome. How big the cooler will be. Depends on the size kegs. And how many kegs. Idea build a box with styrofoom on the sides. Around the cooler. Refridration part in the corner. Take the door out of the cooler. So cold air can circulate in the box. And as well atach a temp controller. Like a ink bird. So your client can control the temp on the out out side of the box. The cooling probe will atached on the inside. You might want to build a computor fan inside the box. So cold air circulates all around the beer kegs. A 9 volt comp fan might be enough. You can atach a 9 volt battery as well to run the fan

I went to a baby shower that used a Jockey Box to chill and I would start there. It worked so well I had to stand by it the whole to night to “observe” the beer.
There is a great pic of an 8 tap version here.

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Greg, you may be looking at “Keezer” designs. That’s when you change a freezer into a keg cooler/dispenser. The more familiar term is kegerator when you use a refrigerator. I did a small keezer that measure 23x23x35. It could be covered and wheels added to make it portable.

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I built a jockey box using a cold plate designed for soda fountains.

You can find a two circuit cold plate on Ebay for under $100. Instead of having two taps I just recirculate the beer through the second circuit for additional cooling. With the flat plate in the bottom you can still use the cooler for something else at the same time.

If you are still looking for a refrigerated cooler you might look into some kind of thermoelectric peltier type chiller. I have no experience with using one but it does sound like a “cool” option.

I did some research on this last year and while it’s truly awesome it’s not an efficient way of cooling.

This is what I have built for other clients. The cooler is the average size people would take camping. I could make the base bigger. He saw pics of what I made he talked about running coolant lines inside and make it to fit 2 full size kegs. These coolers would not be big enough.


You are on the right track… Shorten it up, but make it deeper… Check with some HVAC guys around you… They can be helpful… They deal with refrigeration lines… AND one may be very creative and help you to build one… you know… customized? :relieved: Sneezles61

Yes i will for sure. The guy she knows is a partner in a micro brewery around here. He told her he can see how it should be set up. I need to talk with him and see what we can work out.

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Looks like a nice setup for a jockey box. Pretty simple build. Doesn’t need power and very portable

It is. Its surprising though how many say “i can build that” yet have no idea how much work goes into them.

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I’m sure. You can buy a jockey box all set up and just modify your design around it. The kegs would be in the part below the table side. I think it would be sweet.

The cooler/jockey box would need to sit up higher to get the glasses under the faucets

Thank you for all your help and ideas guys. I really appreciate it. I looked up some ideas on the Jockey box. Seams that will be the cheapest way to do it. But not really sure that its the easiest to sell for simplicity sake. I will have to call the fellow and talk with him about his ideas too.

Thanks again.

Been thinking about this and here is my thought. Build your unit as you’re picture above . Set your cooler just below the surface of the top. Hinge a hatch type door over the cooler into which you would mount a two tap tower. Go to a brewery web site and buy 2 stainless steel imersion chillers that you can put in the cooler to chill the beer as it comes through. You can get a couple plate chillers also for a little more money. Run some keg lines and tap lines and your in business. No need to chill the kegs. Also get intertap faucets because you can change out the nipples with a barbed nipple to back feed for cleaning. This would be perfectly portable wheel it around the yard or to the neighbors. Throw in the back of your pickup and go tailgating.

Looking closer at your picture I see you have the top hinged already. Even easier just use that one, just get some coils and a tap tower.

Yes if I can get brass piano hinge I use that if not 2 smaller brass leaf hinges that surface mount. As nice as these coolers look as they are, i have only sold one. King of ticks me off. You can buy a cheaper one that is much smaller than these and not as well made for $299 at lowes here in Ontario they just reduced them to $199. Kind of pisses me off that these are not selling. I am asking $500 as you see that one with no lettering. Everyone around agrees this is a great price for them.

Sell them filled with beer and ice and see what happens. :grin:

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