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Need help setting up new system

Hey. I have been away from brewing for a couple years…Busy with my babies. Since they are getting a little older now we are trying to get back into the hobby. Before my hiatus I bought a whole bunch of equipment and now have no idea how to put it together or if I have all the right pieces. I am trying to use a inlet chugger pump and a blichman plate chiller. So, I want to potential pump wort from my kettle through the chiller to the fermentor. The parts I have besides the chiller and pump are: 3 piece ball valve, 2 Camlock A quick disconnects, 6 B Camlock disconnects, 2 elbows, 6 F Camlocks disconnects, 3/4x1/2 NPT, hose clamps, tubing. Any help would be appreciated. Pictures or videos would be especially helpful. Thanks

Do you have any ports in your kettle? Look at my electric kettle build in brew gear and you’ll see some ideas that may help you configure your set up. Ask away, I do enjoy tinkering with the hardware stuff. Sneezles61

Yes, I have ports. The pics helped. I think we have it figured out. We are going to do a dry run soon. Do you use teflon tape on some of the connections?

Yes, all connections get teflon tape. I want it all to be dry, and that sticky floor bites… Sneezles61

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