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Need help on a quest

I’ve done research on my family tree and to make a long story shorter my family came from Sussex and Kent County* England in 1830. In 1836 they emigrated to SE Wisconsin bringing English hops vines from Oneida NY growing and brokering hops until 1896 when bugs and blight ended the hop industry here. Of the AG kits available at NB what would most closely resemble a Southern English Ale using Cluster or E Kent golding hops.
*E and W Sussex Counties and Kent County are on the Southern coast of England accross the channel from Calais. Thanks

This site might help:

very cool website. One side of the family came from Tenterden in Kent and the other side from Peasmarsh in East Sussex 8.5 road miles apart. Thanks again.

Maybe the ESB. … Bitter.pdf

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