Need brew Kit advice

Looking to brew something similar to ‘Shock Top’ don’t like hoppy beers any suggestions for
a brew kit available at NB that comes close? Looked at American Wheat ale but it describes itself
as hoppy :frowning:

Thanks in advance

The NB American Wheat kit will work you just need to modify it a little. If you are doing a full volume boil you could easily just cut the hop additions in half, and brew as is. If using the concentrated boil maybe cut the hop additions by .25oz each. You will also want to add around 1oz orange peal, and 1oz crushed coriander in the last 5 minutes of your boil. In my opinion WLP320 (Widmers hefe yeast) will get you the closest to shock top fermented around 68-70F. :cheers:

Just my opinion, Shock Top is more Belgian so I would ferment with WLP 400, and cut the 2nd addition of hops clear out, and maybe just use 4-5% alpha for the 60 min. hops. That yeast strain would work better with 5 min. additions of Coriander and orange peel. WLP 400 will give you more of the Shock Top flavor your looking for…my .02 cents worth. Wyeast 3944 would be their version.

The nb witbier kit is close to a shock top. Check it out.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a shock top, but I don’t recall any Belgian phenolic flavors. I remember thinking as I saw the Belgian White on the label that there was nothing Belgian about it. This isn’t a style I ever make so, I guess I learned something today. :cheers: