Need advise about secondary fermenter

Hey guys this may be a dumb question but the next brew kit I want requires a secondary fermenter. I only have the 2 buckets from the start up kit. I can just use 1 of the buckets twice as a fermenter or do I need something else. Thanks.

First off, let’s look at “requires.” Is it just a kit that calls for racking to secondary (all the NB kits seem to)? Or are you doing something in secondary, like adding hops, fruit, etc? What style of beer? You may be able to skip the secondary altogether.


Thanks I think i have what i need now.

For a wit, I would skip the secondary. And I’m a huge proponent of secondary. But wheats and wits are supposed to be cloudy so why waste the time and effort?!?!

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^^^ This! And I’m a huge proponent of secondary too. But for a wit? Nope.

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