Need Advice

I’m brewing today. Should be a great day for it. I already experienced a problem…I got my liquid yeast pack out of the refridgerator and gave it a smack but I smacked it to hard and it popped a little hole in the side of the bag. Will I be okay or do I need to scramble to find me some new yeast? Currently, I just folded over the bag a few times and sealed it with a clip but I’m sure that isn’t air tight.

Any advice…please help! Thanks in advance.

As long as it’s not leaking (losing yeast) and other contaminants are not getting in, you should be fine.

For future reference, I highly recommend making a yeast starter to ensure you have the optimal amount of yeast.

How to:

Yeast pitching calculator:

You should be fine. Just make sure the nutrient pack that you’re supposed to break when you smack it is emptied into either the yeast or the fermenter.

You could even pour the yeast into a sterilized Erlenmeyer flask or mason jar with the nutrient pack to let it culture while you’re brewing… but that does exponentially increase the odds of infection.