Need a good reusable bottle

Hey guys,
somewhat of an off topic question…
i’m looking for a reusable bottle to pour beer into to take it places… like the pool - since we aren’t allowed glass bottles.

I’ve looked at things like HydroFlask, but they’re all more than 12oz and therefor would have a lot of air on top. that’d probably cause a lot of jostling and flatter beer.
Obviously i could fill it up with more beer, but sometimes i’d rather have different flavor/styles/beers instead of all just one.
Diva. i know.

anyone have a great reusable option for taking beer NOT in glass or can?


You could use aluminum water bottles I suppose

You can bottle condition in plastic soda bottles. Not the classiest look, but who cares?

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got a few allu growlers what my brewbuddy uses they are one liter growlers he says they work perfect

Do you bottle or keg?

If you bottle, have you seen these?

I just save plain seltzer bottles and fill them from my draft system. If used that day the beer stays pretty carbonated. We take them on the boat so no danger of breaking like with glass.

You wouldn’t want to be served a gourmet meal an a plastic dish. I respect my beer to much to serve in a used plastic soda bottle. Aluminum or glass for me. But then again I’m a beer snob.

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thanks for all the replies! i have to agree with brew_cat, i don’t know how i’d feel about using plastic bottles…
I’ve got one of these guys on order BottleKeeper® | Fancy Schmancy Insulated Bottle & Can Coolers
this way i can take the glass in a safe way. should work just perfectly!

they’ve got a couple sizes depending on what type of bottle you like best.

No way in heck I would put my beer in plastic bottles either… But you asked! :wink:

sure you wouldn’t… it was your idea!!! hahaha
but i do think the Bottle Keeper i linked to is the simplest idea.

I said you CAN do it. And it works! Whether you should is a different topic.

Hell, if John Kimmich can convince folks that they should drink his beer straight from the can, you shouldn’t be ashamed to serve yours from plastic soda bottles. At the end of the day, brew awesome beer and let it speak for itself!

take a two liter growler beer stays good for a day mmm me not real fan of growlers but they do work

I have been in some state park campgrounds where alcohol is prohibited. This is mostly to give the rangers a legit reason to toss the loud and rowdy crowd. Some people call these parks Red cup city. If it doesn’t look like beer can/bottle and you behave yourself, there is no problem. In this scenario a plastic soda bottle works very well with your homebrew.

Same goes for a lot of places where you would like a beer but it may be frowned upon. It tastes the same from a Solo cup as Waterford crystal. :grinning:

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