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Need a cranberry braggot all grain recipe for the gf

any help with a recipe would be greatly appreciated. She wants it for thanksgiving.


How about a Belgian Braggot based on a Saison with a little ginger in the boil?

Shoot for 1.060 or less, pitch a lot of a yeast that will do well at cool temps (3711 would be good) and add the honey in stages once there’s a good head of krausen going (to keep the alcohol bite to a minimum and get fermentation over ASAP). You could also do a mock-braggot, with honey only a third of the fermentables rather than 50+% as it should be - this will help keep it interesting at the lower ABV.

For the cranberry, I would either use an extract or add a quart of unsweetened cranberry juice to the keg.

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