Need a Celebration brew for my 2 year anniversary of Brewing

My first brew ever was Super Bowl Sunday, two years ago. Been reviewing my favorite brews and recipes during that time and was thinking about doing a 10 gallon batch of one of my “best”. My initial list is:

Surly Furious or Oatmeal Stout? (brewed the Surly last weekend)
Dogfish Head 60 minute clone?
Amber Ale - Either Lakefront or Waldo Lake
Rye IPA? - Denny Style
Double Choloate Stout?
Czech Pilsner?
Chinook IPA

At the same time, I have tons of hops that I need to start using up, so I am thinking something hop heavy. Lots of all of the “C” hops and quite a bit of nobel hops.

Any recommendations and suggested recipes. I have been enjoying some Racer 5 and Stone IPA lately.

How about a big American Barley Wine that you can age till next year?

Brew up a Big American Amber Ale and make sure all of the Ingredients are true American just like the style and the super bowl. Then bottle it up and let it age until next super bowl.


Not a bad idea on the barley wine. I have one that I brewed from a NB extract kit about 18 months ago that is still “mellowing”. Just pretty harsh around the edges that last time I tried it. I have been planning on doing an all grain version but maybe only 2.5 gallons soon, hoping it will be better, sooner.

Hoping to use up more hops as well.

Oh, yeast - I have recent harvests of 1450, 1056 and 1469 (west yorkshire) available to pitch into a big beer. Somewhat limited to those as this is a rare week that I do not have a starter going. I do have a lager that has been in primary nearly 4 weeks that I could transfer and use the Bohemian Lager Yeast.

Well the 1056 and lots of “C” hops would lend themselves nicely to an American Barley Wine.

Well I decided to do a 10 gallon batch of an amber ale, modeled after Denny’s Waldo Lake Amber. It is only my second 10 gallon batch I have tried and the will be the first time using the Curtec fermenters I bought several months ago. Everything went smooth but 10 gallons is a lot of work! Especially without some sort of structure set up where you do not have to lift stuff.

I ended up with about 1.5 gallons of final runnings at about 1.025 SG so I decided to play around a bit and just wing a 1.75 gallon batch recipe for an Amber IPA. Added some DME and some final running from the last batch it did last week. Threw in hops I had partial packages of. In fact, it was funny, I would open the freezer, pull out partial packs, run up stairs to enter into Beersmith to see what it would do, change the recipe, repeat. I hope the mini batch is just ok because I would never be able to exactly recreate it in a million years

Anyway, happy 2 year year brewing anniversary to me!