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NB's John Palmer's Elevenes

Brewed this one 4/14, bottled 5/15. Used the partial mash recipe and s-04 yeast.
Sampled 5/26, so a little early, but I’m very impressed.
Good malty backbone, just a little smoke flavor. Not much hoppy flavor, so I might up that a touch, but it is well balanced. I like this a lot even this early, and expect it to get better and better.
Just my 2 cents… :cheers:

Crazy post, I was just stalking this recipe yesterday.
Looks really interesting.

Mine has been in the bottle for 5 weeks. It has a medium level of smoke, which is about as much as I would want in a beer. This is a nice springtime beer, and it goes nicely with grilled/barbecued food.


Sounds awesome! I’m really leaning more toward session beers these days, so I’ll give this one a try soon. Thanks!

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