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NB sucks

Wow way to go NB. I ordered some stuff from you guys because it seemed to be a little cheaper than some other companies. I payed for 3 day shipping and then get an e mail 4 days after I ordered giving me a tracking number. I did 3 day shipping because I needed the stuff quick not so you could ship it ground. I had to call to find out what was going on,just to find out you shipped it to someone else. You had no problem taking my money as soon as you could. I had to call to get my 3 day shipping cost back. I understand mistakes happen but usually you try to make up for any mistakes. Very unimpressed and will not order anything from NB ever again. Way to lose customers. There are plenty of homebrewing sites to order stuff from and that is what I will do from now on.

It’s good to vent your frustrations. Everyone needs to do that.

When it comes to mail order and things not going the way you expect, well that happens all of the time. It’s happened to me with all 4 of the “Big 4” - Northern Brewer, Midwest Supplies, More Beer and Austin HomeBrew Supply.

Posting on a forum and threatening to leave doesn’t help you and these people certainly don’t care. The best you can do is call them and work something out. That’s called “the burden of mail order”.

Placing an order online involves a certain amount of risk. It’s a risk with the money we spend expecting a certain level of service and a certain quality of product. We don’t want to part with our hard earned money and receive something less than expected and when we do we’re upset.

My boss, a business man, has learned to take these things in stride, after all he deals with orders of goods worth millions of dollars. Most of the time he gets what he pays for, but sometimes the quality and delivery speed just isn’t up to par. Does he get upset and rant and rave about it? He showed me his outlook folder called “Scathing Hate”. It was filled with emails that he’s glad he never sent.

If you’ve watched the news lately you’d know that many people have lost their lives in bombings, wars, tornadoes, random murders, etc… One little child even lost both of their feet when his dad accidentally ran him over with a lawn mower. Browse the yahoo homepage…

Now tell me friend, are your troubles greater than these?

Midwest Supplies has been having a lot of problems lately. An order of mine hadn’t shipped in two weeks. The old me would have called them up and reamed 'em a new one. I didn’t. I calmly called them. A sheepish voice answered the phone, as if expecting another upset customer. I assured him that I wasn’t upset and would like to cancel my order. He promptly canceled it and I wished him a good day.

Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you, we are in charge of our attitude.

Not trying to be a prick here. Just offering my thoughts, having had to deal with similar situations. Why did you feel the need to attack them in a public forum over such a relatively small matter? I don’t work for NB and have no connection to them other than being a member of this forum, but they seem to have a great reputation generally, and certainly seem like a dedicated bunch of guys.
A misdirected shipping label once in awhile isn’t that hard to imagine, and I’m sorry you drew the short straw on this one.

When you spoke to them did you give them a chance to make things right or did they offer some way to compensate your trouble/disappointment?? In any case I think (and most will likely agree) that life’s just too short to get so bent out of shape over such a small thing. As the ancient Latin saying goes: “contingit stercore…”

Anyway, I hope you ultimately get your ingredients and end up with a great brew.

this is what happens when you get drunk and vent.

Boston Brewin…Amen to that / been there !!
I use to regret drunkin phone calls…now I regret drunkin e-mails.

Carry on…

I discovered that one of my DME bottles was leaking and it destroyed my grain steeping bag. I called NB. I was cool and they were cool. I got a new jug of DME and a grain bag. I also typically make my NB purchases when stuff is on sale. Just be smart and don’t be a jerk.

I never had a problem with NB so i can’t relate
they were always on point when i buy from them
Things happen man …sometimes mistakes are made.
No need to bash a company cause they had a mishap …i ordered from MWS 3 times each time they forgot the yeast now thats what i call a mishap…but you know what accidents happen
you made way to big of a deal over this RDWHAHB

I have to agree with everything that has been said so far. I too have never had a problem with NB…actually I have never had a problem with MW either. That being said, if I need something fast, i don’t waste time with mail order, I hop in the car and I drive the hour to the nearest HB store, which i wish was closer. Though even if it were, i would still probably get my kits online still.

Northern brewer has messed up on my order a couple of times but they have always more then fixed it by sending me extras plus. So I couldn’t say anything bad about them. I can some what see your frustration though when you plan on something being there and it shows up late.

Drunk? The guy wrote his post at 11:30 haha.

1:45. I stand to be corrected. Who knows now…

No, you had it right the first time.

No, you had it right the first time.[/quote]

My time stamp says 10:44

To the OP, I’m guessing you have never made an error? Must be great being perfect.


No, you had it right the first time.[/quote]

My time stamp says 10:44

To the OP, I’m guessing you have never made an error? Must be great being perfect.

:roll: [/quote]

I have 8:44

Nighthawk, perfection is overrated. After 20+ years of a perfect life, I’m trying to live as an average human. :wink:

In the past, if I had an issue with an order, one phone call took care of the problem.
They can’t reverse time, but they might compensate you. If you’re approach is attack, the first reaction is defense.

I’ve never done this! :oops:


I also love how NB didn’t eliminate this post and just let it evolve on it’s own. The sign of an entity that is confident in it’s ethics and customer satisfaction standards. We all make mistakes, but when we do, and try to make it right afterwards, it speaks for itself.

NB staff doesn’t monitor the forum. They have delegated moderators instead. If the moderators decide the conversation has become abrasive, then they can freeze the thread. Even though the topic is damning to NB, the conversation isn’t offensive.

So far this thread has been nothing but people explaining how NB has been good to them. So they probably wont freeze it. Threads like these pop up occasionally. Like mentioned above, nobody is above making mistakes, including NB. I think that point has been made clearly, and we can let this thread disappear

The OP is clearly misinformed.

I’ve never done this! :oops: [/quote]
Yeah me either… Cough cough drunkin Facebooking lol

I just learned a lot about NB from this single thread.
Not from a single poster having a problem; it’s a matter of numbers. Nobody is perfect; companies less so, because each non-perfect employee increases the odds of a screw-up. So consider the odds of a mistake happening, coupled with the odds of a mistake happening to someone who’s going to fly off the handle and take it WAY too personally. It seems almost inevitable. So I learned NOTHING from a guy venting. The fact is, companies “Comp” less and less each year when there’s a mistake, and people expect more and more. I’m sure the OP was hoping for his entire order to be free, and upgraded to overnight delivery besides. That’s just unrealistic.

What amazed me was the overwhelming support of the members of this forum. There’s not a single “Yea! NB SUCKS!” replay, nor is there a single troll baiter, inciting the OP to defensive reply.

Way to go NB! Way to go for NOT censoring your forum. Way to go for having a forum that brings in such supporting membership.

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