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NB Oktoberfest?

I was wondering if any has tried this kit, and what temp did you lager at? Thanks

Haven’t tried the recipe; but in terms of lagering, as close to freezing as you can safely get. Right now, I have 10 gallons of it lagering along at 33F; it’s been lagering for almost eight weeks and will come out in time for the second weekend in October.



I’ve brewed it several times and it remains to be my favorite ofest recipe. Both commercial and homebrew. I would highly recommend it. Ferment with WLP 833. Two vials if you aren’t doing a starter.

I lager in the high 30’s. I don’t like frozen beer, and my fridge holds bottles as well as my lagering keg. Might take a little longer but it works.

Don’t forget that lagering was traditionally done in caves at 55F, this took all summer though. I think the lower the temp the faster it drops clear.

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