NB Equivalent of Sam Adams Chocolate Bock

Hello Everyone,

Not sure if this is ther right forum but here goes.

I recently discoverd Sam Adams Chocolate Bock. I really like it. Has anyone had any experience with a NB extract kit that would be similar? If so, please make a recommendation for an extract kit. Thanks.


NB doesn’t have a Chocolate Bock kit, but they do have a Bock Kit:

http://www.northernbrewer.com/shop/bock ... t-kit.html

It’s currently out of stock, though you could pull up the recipe sheet and have any reputable LHBS fix up the equivalent for you. The only thing you would need to add would be cocoa powder or nibs. I’ve had good success using Hershey’s Cocoa Baking Powder in the past for my chocolate beers. I’m not exactly sure what SA’s Bock has in it, but I’ve noticed it has a much darker color than a regular Bock, so I’m thinking they may add a small amount of chocolate malt to it as well, though I really couldn’t say for certain. I would guess that adding 2-3 oz of chocolate malt wouldn’t hurt the Chocolate Bock style.

Edit: I just looked up the recipe sheet, they say its discontinued, so they won’t stock the kit anymore, but you can order the individual item a’la carte. I would do just that and add a little chocolate malt. Then add some chocolate nibs or powder, and you should have a pretty good lager!

Two years ago at the St Paul Summer Beer Fest the guys from Sam Adams were pouring a Chocolate Cherry Bock. That was my favorite beer of the whole festival. Tasted like a chocolate covered cherry in a glass!

I think you’re better off looking for a chocolate kit of a different beer style. I don’t recall a lot of “bockiness” in the sam adams beer. You most likely enjoy the chocolate aspect of the beer, not the bock part. And knowing sam adams, it’s probably not even a bock.

Concur on the lack of “bockiness”.

I found it to be an interesting beer as well, but the main things going for it were the chocolate aroma, and the faint chocolate taste after swallowing.

YMMV :slight_smile:

My first question is because this is only your second post here and I have no idea what your experience is; have you made a lager before? It’s a different ballgame than ales. Even if you had I’m not sure what the best route to take would be.

Well, I guess it would look something like this maybe:


If you’ve done all grain brewing. If not it could be converted, you could even brew it with Bohemian Lager yeast that can ferment around 60-65*.