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NB Cream Ale Kit

I was wondering if others that have brewed this kit could verify what i’m experiencing. I brewed this recipe using the US-05 and I am 100% confident that I have minded my sanitation, I fermented on the low side of the ale temp range and I have done everything possible to avoid any contact with oxygen. I’m giving you this info just in case anyone asks. I am tasting my third glass of this beer and I cannot get over the orangish taste that this beer has. Granted I didn’t know what to expect when brewing the cream ale, but I certainly was not expecting an orange taste. Is it me? Does anyone else taste get an orange taste from this recipe?

If I recall correctly that recipe calls for a lot of honey malt. I’m not sure of the percentage, but I know it’s too much for me. It might be the culprit?

I never noticed any orange in it when I brewed it but I used 1056. They say us-05 can put off a peach flavor.

How long did you have the beer in the primary? What was your FG? How long have you bottle conditioned and at what temperature?

I’m lazy, what is the recipe?

Nighthawk, it is an extract with specialty grains kit from NB. ... t-kit.html

flars, I let it sit in primary for five weeks, though I did not take a reading (laziness there) I am quite certain it was completely fermented. I fermented it at about 63 degrees and then I allowed the temp to rise some after kreusan dropped, so as to aid in allowing the yeast to stay active and clean up after themselves. No bottling, I kegged it. Total beer age, 6 weeks.

Goldenchild, I have heard the same thing and was wondering if this might be the reason. I have used 05 a number of times and never noticed this before, though mostly in IPAs, which would do a very good job of hiding any fruitiness from the yeast. I could totally be wrong though.

I’m wondering if I might be how I taste the honey and biscuit malts that are in the specialty grains.

thats what im drinking now. i fermented for 7 days ,secondary for 6 days,forced not getting the orange flavor at all.i also used the us05 yeast. and fg was 1.004

Not answering your question, but a related question…I thought the entire process (minus the last week or so) could be done at room temp (around 72). Did I miss something and did I just ruin (another) batch?

[quote=“mppatriots”]Nighthawk, it is an extract with specialty grains kit from NB. ... t-kit.html


I could tell that by the title of the thread. But I, and maybe other don’t want to click around for the recipe. Your post is limiting to people that have brewed this kit. Instead, if you posted the recipe, those that have brewed a beer with a similar grain/hop/yeast combination might be able the give their input. :wink:

O.G: 1.040 READY: 4 WEEKS
2 weeks primary, 2 weeks bottle conditioning

0.75 lbs Gambrinus Honey Malt
0.25 lbs Belgian Biscuit

6 lbs Pilsen malt syrup

1 oz Cluster (60 min)

Safale US-05 Ale Yeast. Optimum temp: 59°-75° F
LIQUID YEAST OPTION: Wyeast 1056 American Ale.
Apparent attenuation: 73–77%. Flocculation: low–medium.
Optimum temp: 60°-72° F.

Just trying to help. :cheers:

Off flavors can occur with warm fermentation temps. Fermentation generates heat. So you beer can be fermenting 5-10* warmer than your room temp.

Some of those off flavors may be something that you are looking for in a particular style. Others, not so much. Fermentation temp is a personal choice. Many people like to ferment their ales in the low to mid 60’s, beer temp.

Your beer should still be drinkable. Just not the best it could be.

See my signature line for ways to keep the temps down.

I’ve made this brew numerous times and I have never had an orange taste. And the AG recipe only calls for .75 lbs. of Gambrinus Honey Malt in an 8 lb. grain bill. I would not call that a lot. Don’t know what’s giving you that flavor. I’ve used US 05 and 1056 and WLP001. This is one of my go to recipes. I even change the hops up and make great beers.

Yeah, I don’t know. I really don’t know why it would have that taste, maybe i’m just losing it. Will assemble a taste tester or two.

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