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NB Brown Honey Ale Kit & Priming Sugar

I am thinking about brewing the NB Brown honey Ale; in reading the reviews one reviewer who seemed very knowledgeable mentioned he used 2 Cups + 2 Tb of cane sugar to prime. That is well over 2 times sugar the instructions called. When I primed my Irish Red Ale I was very careful in measuring out the 5/8 cup of cane sugar to prime. I have been afraid if I over primed I would have exploding bottles, so I was surprised to see someone exceeding the amount so much.
What’s the word on the amount of priming sugar; are there any guidelines as to the maximum amount you should use?
Thanking you in advance for any advice,


5/8 cup will be quite ample! Use 2 cups and you’ll have bottle bombs from hell! Cheers! :cheers:

Pick up a scale and weight you sugar. More accurate. Get one that measures in oz/gr.


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