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NB Bourbon Barrel Porter --Anyone modify?

Just curious, has anyone modified the kit recipe for better results? I have read some reviews say they wish it wasn’t so thick or that it had more body, etc.

So I guess I am curious if anyone has ever used 1/2 # of cane or brown sugar to dry it out, maltodextrin for body, or oak chips instead of cubes?

Just curious as to your results…


Someone said it was to thick, And someone else said it needed more body?

Isn’t that polar opposites?

I would brew it as it comes and make adjustments on the next batch based on MY opinion of the beer.

Yes that would be opposite – but that is my point. Some reviews of the brew say its too thin (in terms of body and doesn’t carb well) while other reviews say its almost syrupy coming out of the bottle. I am only going to be able to brew it once this year (as I am moving quite soon). I want this batch to age for x-mas 2012.

My question is:

has anyone brewed this, and if so did you make any changes for the second time with a different result in mind?


I brew it every year. Modifications I have made -

I have added a half pound flaked oats to it - I like more body, smoothness, etc. It was good, but probably not necessary.

The one change that I have made that I have used the last 2 times is that I added 4 pounds of weyerman smoked malt to the recipe’s grain bill (did not eliminate anything, just added the smoked malt.) I like that addition and will probably continue to use it.

I used heavy toast cubes in my last batch instead of medium - have not tried it yet - other than at bottling. It was great then.

That is really all I have tried differently with it - it is a great recipe to start with. I brewed it 2-3 times exactly as is and those batches were great.

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