NB Am. Wheat - Flavor Additives

Starting my first brew with NB Am. Wheat Beer Extract Kit. I’m planning on steeping honey malt before boil and adding coriander and orange peal after boil. I know the honey malt will go well with the kit - I know the coriander and orange peal will go well with the kit. But does anyone think they will clash? I’ve learned that honey may work better with American style and the coriander and orange peal might work better with Belgian style. But both together in an American Style Kit - is that too much to expect success?

I’ve used orange and coriander with the am. wheat and it turned out great, although I can’t speak from experience on the honey malt. Just be careful with coriander, as it can become overpowering in a hurry. I think I used 1/2 tsp in 5 gallons and to my taste, it was plenty.



I would go easy on the honey malt. A little bit goes a long way. Maybe 1/4lb or less,
probably less.

If this is your first brew, I would brew the recipe as-is and work out any process flaws before messing with recipes. Brewing for me is a creative outlet, so I know how hard it is to keep a collar on that urge, especially in the beginning. But the sponsor’s kits make great beers as-is…if they are brewed well.

Thanks guys for the tips. I will most definitely consider less amounts/measurements than I planned for my additives to the kit. I will watch out for that coriander.

Hey - just though I’d give an update to this brew. It turned out great! If I were to do it again, the only change I would make is to add less coriander. That shit is strong. I added way less than I originally planned, thanks to so helpful tips from this thread, but even that was too much. Overall it still came out very satisfying. I find that friends that like hoppy beers don’t mind the coriander after taste, but those who are not hop fanatics would prefer to taste the other ingredients a bit more. In summary, if anyone wants to try adding these same ingredients to their free American Wheat kit, do what I did but cut back the coriander to 1/4 of what I used. I think I listed it earlier. A nice hefty three finger pinch is all you need in a 5 gal. brew. I think I tossed in a whole ounce. Don’t do that!!

…And the honey malt worked out great. In my opinion, you can steep as much as you want and it’s hard to ruin your brew with it. It gave my beer a red color and the taste was very natural. There is no sweetness from it, it’s like - if you were to smell a jar of natural honey - and translate that smell into a taste without sweetness. It really helped balance out the fact that I added too much coriander. So I may try honey malt again in a future brew. I’m brewing my next recipe straight up. So far so good. I just had to get my first recipe customization under my belt right away.