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NB 3/8" IC - Vinyl Tubing I/D?

Hey Gang!

Hope all have been well…a Happy and Healthy New Year to all!

My sister was nice enough to gift me a new IC…she got me the 3/8" with the hose fitting on one end (#7869), but I want to hook up the loose end to my circulation pump and need to get the right fitting…what is the Inside Dimension of the vinyl tubing?


Should be 3/8"

No the copper is 3/8" ID and thus 1/2" OD. The tubing would have to be 1/2".

Thanks Deadeye…that’s what I was looking for…I knew the copper was 3/8" ID so the vinyl would have to be slightly bigger (to match the copper’s OD).


Mine would leak when I would run the water wide open,
No matter how snug the clamps were.
I soldered a pair of barb fittings onto the ends and its worked great ever since.
Something to think about.

And the award goes to greg!

As it turns out, I inserted some 3/8" OD tubing that fit snugly into the IC’s tubing…so the IC’s vinyl tubing ID is 3/8" …

Hope this helps someone…

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