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NB 2 Gallon Fermentation Bucket help please

I am using the Northern Brewer 2 gallon bucket for primary fermentation and need some info. Of the two hoses that came with my starter kit neither of them will fit into the grommet hole in the top of the bucket to be used as a blow off tube. What size tubing do I need for that?

Secondly, it looks like the bucket lid description says that the lids are only good for a single use. Can that possibly be correct? They are trash after one batch?

Thanks much!

The blow off tube probably is meant to go on the bottom piece of the three piece airlock. Bucket lids are good until you damage them beyond repair.

The two sections of tubing that came with my starter kit don’t seem to fit onto or into the center tube of the bottom part of the three piece air lock either. I tried that also. What size tube do I need to fit onto the bottom part of the airlock to use it as a blow off tube?

I think the tube I have is from a 1/2 " racking cane I only used once. It may be 1/2" inside diameter. Will one of the tubes you received fir into the lid with the grommet removed?

The 3/8 hose from the racking cane fits over the bottom part of the two piece. Wet it with some star San it will go, then stick it trough the grommet. You can also put the half inch tube through the lid without the grommet. Not sure where you heard about only using the lid once, that’s just not true. I use the two piece option it’s easier to switch to a regular airlock after the blowoff. I’ve been switching to 8 gallon wine buckets so I don’t need a blowoff tube. If you are making 1 gallon batches in that two gallon you probably don’t need a blowoff tube either.

Also, any of those tubes in general will become more flexible if you run them under some hot water for a bit. Some of mine I know are a tight fit, so I usually run them under some hot water from the faucet and then spray with some starsan and they fit nicely on/in whatever I need them to. Just food for thought.

Just a question here, if you are using the 2 gallon bucket for primary, I would guess you are making 1 gallon batches, yes? If so, there is enough head space that you don’t need a blow-off tube - just use the airlock. If you still have too much foam, then you are fermenting too hot.

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