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Mystery Bucket

So I was brewing a bunch of beer today and went to grab what I thought was an empty bucket. Surprise, its full. I know it must have been brewed within the last month and a half but can’t recall what the heck is in there as my recipe book fell victim to water damage. In the keg it will go tomorrow! :cheers: Just curious if this has happened to anyone else. Happy surprise.

Never had a mystery bucket like you say but i have definitely had some mystery bottles. Either way that is awesome and you should let us know what it is and how friggin good it is!

Can’t say I’ve ever had the mystery bucket either, but I bet it was a good suprise.

Maybe the beer brewing fairies snuck in in the middle of the night and brewed you a batch! Enjoy!


Not exactly, but when I moved I had a bucket in active fermentation and I didn’t want to stick it in the hot moving truck for a day. So it sat at my old house for five months until I was able to go back for it. Really, really tasty amber ale.

If you’re ending up with “mystery buckets” I think you better hold off on the homebrew until the batch is done! Either that, or start labeling your ferments! :cheers:

Have you tasted a sample? Seems like it would be pretty easy to figure out what it is.

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