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My wife made soup in my brew kettle!

So, I came home and my wife was cooking chicken wild rice soup in my 5 gal stainless brew kettle. She said it was the only one in the house big enough. When she was done, I immediately washed it with PBW and there is no residual soup smell in the pot or lid this morning. The soup was excellent, will my future beer be too? I’m pretty new to home brewing (4 batches under my belt). A cream ale and rye stout are next on my wish list. I’m thinking if there are any residual flavors left in the kettle, the cream ale would be more susceptible to them than the darker beer, so I should make the stout first. Right, wrong or no difference?

If you cleaned it well, theres nothing to worry about

Put a 5 gallon soup pot on her xmas list

Make that a 10gal pot with a valve and thermometer, then trade her.

I’ve made a lot of food in kettles, even fried turkeys and stuff. Its no big deal just clean them good as you did. If you are concerned, boil some water in it before you brew next.

Must’ve been a big batch of chicken soup, what army is she feeding?

I like boiling corn and making soups in my secondary 5 gal pot. My 80000 BTU burner is pretty awesome in the summer for cooking. Boils anything faster than a stove top.

No big deal. My wife likes to make soup twice a year (Thanksgiving and Christmas) and I let her use my 5.5 gallon pot. I just scrub it out with BKF when she’s done.

On the cob, or cracked?

Thanks for all the reassurance. I figured stainless would be OK, but just wanted to make sure.

This ^^^. I made a big pot of chili in mine with zero impact to the following batches of beer.


On the cob, or cracked?[/quote]

Fresh on the cob. I like to boil for 6-8 min. then chuck on the grill to finish.

Sometimes I wish I lived down in Nova Scotia because this set up would work great for boiling fresh Lobster.

When I used to live in rural Alaska I was given two live king crabs. The only pot I had big enough was my 5 gallon brew kettle. The crab was excellent but I swear I had to thoroughly wash that kettle 10 times to get the seafood smell out. Future batches of beer did not taste like crab.

This ^^^. I made a big pot of chili in mine with zero impact to the following batches of beer.


That could make a nice positive improvement if someone wants a chili beer.

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